About us

We make apps for kids
We want our apps to be beautiful and of high quality. So that we we can let our own children loose on them with a clear conscience. We want children to enjoy making discoveries, forever finding out new things and perhaps, or certainly, learning something in the process.

That is why we lavish time on the design. We reflect, refine things and are never quite finished with all the details. Even if we are already working on implementation and programming – additional new ideas are being incorporated all the time. Things are discarded, new things included. We test and put things out to test. By our children. And their friends. And we observe what goes on. What is important to us is how much interest and enthusiasm the children exhibit when using the app. And some things we then often rework and take other things to the next level.

When it comes to learning, we talk to the experts. And we ask friends who are professionally involved with language, education and passing on knowledge. Everyone joins in enthusiastically because the subject interests them and because they are enthusiastic about the infinite possibilities of modern mobile technology.

We love detailed, handcrafted graphics. That’s why a lot of illustration on real paper goes on. With brush, paint and water. With tints and music. Specially composed. Once we are happy with the result, the whole thing is made available for you and your children. For example, via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. And if then an old school friend relates how his twins are having so much fun playing with a “fantastic hidden object app”, we smile quietly to ourselves and have achieved our goal.


About Ubiquitous Games
Ubiquitous Games was founded in December 2017 by Paul Dang and Mary Bui. From the very first day, Ubiquitous Games has concerned itself closely with developing high quality apps for children. Great importance is attached here to child-oriented implementation and presenting the app content in an appealing way.
Ubiquitous Games’s distinctive style is characterised by lovingly illustrated education apps that bring the charm of printed children’s books to modern smart phones and tablets.